For Homebuyers, Here are the basics:

No Payments until You Sell

There are no monthly payments or interest rates attached to our financing. Instead, we share in 35% of any upside or downside in your home value when you sell.


Save on mortgage Insurance

By putting 20% down, you save thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money by avoiding mortgage insurance. 

We Double Your Down Payment

We double your 10% downpayment into a 20% downpayment by investing alongside you. A larger downpayment helps you qualify for your dream home.


You Keep Complete Control

Homeshares does not go on title as a co-owner. You keep full control of your home. You can buy back our investment or sell your home at any time.

Homeownership is possible.

For Investors, Homeshares is the ideal way to invest in Canadian Real Estate


Scalable Real Estate Investment


Homeshares is a scalable and sustainable way to invest in core residential real estate assets. Our scalability allows us to work with a wide range of accredited investors from around the world.

Passive Real Estate Investment

HAssle Free

We're strong believers in smart, passive, and low-cost investments. Invest in thousands of homes across Canada without worrying about mortgages, property taxes, and maintenance. 



Our investments are secured by liens on the properties we invest in. We are also constantly improving our underwriting processes with data-driven insights.

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