Home Equity Sharing Program


Homeshares believes in a debt-free approach to homeownership and provides you with an alternative to CHIP/Reverse Mortgages, Second Mortgages, and HELOCs. Homeshares provides home equity financing with no monthly payments or interest rates in exchange for 25% share of the future appreciation or depreciation in your home’s value. 

Really, that’s just a fancy way of saying we invest in your home.

Through Homeshares, you can access up to 10% of your home's value. You remain in complete control of your home and there are no monthly payments. Homeshares makes money if the value of the home goes up and loses money if it goes down.

We do well when you do well.

How it works

Step 1

Check if you are qualified to Share

We will be able to tell you if you qualify to share equity in your home based on basic information about your home and finances. Main criteria include having the ability to service current debts and more than 20% equity in your home. 

Step 2

We give you an initial OFFER

Our first assessment of your home is based on the information you provide us and the estimated market value of your home. With this information, we give you a funding estimate. You can access between 5-10% of your home equity.

Step 3

We send AN APPRAISER to assess your home

If you choose to go ahead, we will send a licensed appraiser to your home to determine its actual value. Our final offer will be based primarily on this appraisal.

Step 4

You receive your FInal Offer and finalize the contract

Once you accept the final offer, we help you finalize the agreement and transfer the funds to you. You remain in complete control of your home and do not have monthly payments. Homeshares is providing you funds in exchange for sharing the appreciation or depreciation of your home as a partner.

How Much Can I Request?

MINIMUM OF $50,000 - MAXIMUM OF $200,000

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